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Hi there and welcome. I identify as | a Karen | Gluten free | Humorous | Passionate | Spiritual | Universal | One | Unstoppable | She | Her —I think I have it covered!

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If you want to learn to cook effortlessly you can follow along with my cat Chef Zazu and I as we serve up delicious and delectable gluten-free, real -plants plucked from the ground and animals that graze off the land recipe, usually for the HOTLOGIC because life is too short to spend it sweating in the kitchen. P.S. use the discount code HEALTHYGUT on the checkout page to save 20% - Ya I am plugging my affiliate link here.

Sometimes I go completely off on a Karen-rampage, but it is usually when I get fed up with the latest media hype on a diet, conditions, or a ridiculous study. Got a question? Ask it, I have an answer! 

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I am an Internationally recognized Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Orthomolecular Practitioner, Live Cell Microscopist, Certified Somatic Intuitive Trainer, Integrative Mind-Body Specialist, Speaker, author, program creator and RV pilot, dropping a tasty morsel of travel adventures, health and wellness tips, recipes, meditations, raising conscious awareness to help empower you to be the best you can be Mind-Body-and Spirit. You have goals, I want to help clear the monkey brain and help you reach your goals.

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Adventures in Health, Food, Fun and Quantum Spiritualism while piloting a Vintage Motorcoach


Hi, I am Karen, a Holistic Orthomolecular Nutritionist specializing in gut health long before it was sexy to talk about poop, farts and bloating. Heck, I gave women permission to talk about their bowels. Now, look how far we have come.